Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Off the starting block - It's Christmaaaaas!!!!!

Thought I'd share with you my first Christmas card, only took me two evenings (well one evening to lay it all out and a half an evening to stick it all down). Basically because I was on my own in the house this afternoon, so was left to concentrate without anyone saying 'what we having for tea' or the tele blaring out in my ear and my side table tucked up under my armpit whilst trying to craft, to avoid blocking someone's view of the tele (heaven forbid!!!!).  If you saw my crafting area in the corner of our lounge, by the tele, you'd know what I was up against!  

I had this card in mind when I bought the Tonic dies of the Stag and Sleigh, but at Alley Pally on Saturday saw a card on display that inspired me.  The original was similar but I embellished a little with the Sue Wilson Christmas Trees and the message is from one of Phill Martins' stamp sets.

When I started it I planned it as red and gold, but then it went to gold and purple, but then it ended up being all gold.  Nothing ever ends up being the same as the idea in your head does it?   

What I found amazing, is that us crafters spend loads of money on our crafting stash, must have the latest trends, can't live without them, I bought loads of stuff at Alley Pally last Saturday, spent loads of pennies (well pounds really but don't tell anyone!) , couldn't wait to get home and play and the first card I made was done by using stuff I already had!  Ironic really, lthough the stag die and sleigh hadn't been out of the packet since they arrived in the post in July!!!! Never mind I'm sure I'll get to use my other new stuff sometime or the other????

Ooh the one thing I did use from Alley Pally was the Starlight Paints from Imagination Crafts, these are amazing and I used them on the background to get the pink and gold shimmer, by using a brayer.  All good fun :)

Once again, thanks for popping by and don't forget to leave me a message to let me know you popped by (unless of course you're my bank manager......)

Take care and see you soon.  

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