Thursday, 9 May 2013

Perry's Tours

At last I've blogged again (sounds like a cue for a song!!I) its not that I haven't been busy making cards and other crafty things recently, but had lost my mojo for blogging!!! However, I have finally got round to it, not much on the tele and I can't get past a level on Candy Crush, so thought I would bug my crafty friends with a card I add earlier tonight for a chap at work.

I actually work at a bus depot (no I am not a driver, but I do admire the job that they do as it is no fun when dealing with members of the public). One of the inspectors took out a bus last year to cover someone's shift and ended up having a prang! And we haven't let him forget it yet, so hence the slider card with the bus crashing into the bollard. I made the background using some Hobby Art stamps and used promarkers and pan pastels to colour it in. Hope it survives everyone signing it and that he sees the funny side, he's a good chap so I think he will - fingers crossed.

As I have not been on for a while will rectify this by uploading my projects one by one throughout the next few days. Thank you for taking time to have a browse and for any comments you may wish to leave, they are much appreciated xxx