Friday, 4 July 2014

A gift for you

Just a short blog today, not been on here for ages, so need to catch up a bit.  It's always nice to do something different and I've been busy making pop up boxes (will add a pic of them on another day), but fancied a change, then I discovered these cards.  However, I cannot take all the credit, thanks to a You tube video by Elaine, which explains simply and efficiently how to make these lovely cards check out this blog:

One of the nicest things is that the Elaine shows you how to make the box to go with it. It took me a 
couple of times to get it right, OK maybe one box took three attempts to get it right, but once you've 
cracked it, it's simple!!!

My problem was they're made in inches and I am a child from the 60's who's life changed when
decimalisation kicked in!  Or to be honest I was never that good at maths!  Anyway, thanks to being
a bit of a hoarder I found an old wooden ruler with 16ths of an inch etc (whatever they are???) and
as I often tell my son 'don't throw that away it'll come in useful one day' -  I've just proved my point. 
Lol.  Right, off to pack my cards up for a School Fete tomorrow.  Wish me luck, it's in a marquee in 
the middle of a field!!!!!


Thank you for taking the time and trouble to view my blog x