Saturday, 20 October 2012

Not Sure???

Here's a card I've made for my sister for her 60th but I'm not sure - not exactly one of my best or am I being too critical because it didn't take long to do???

I used one of my new 8x8 embossing folders and then coloured it with pan pastels the numbers and flowers I had in my stash. Used a background stamp and a Kanban stamp to give it some interest and then die cut the butterfly.
Would really be interested to know if you would give this to someone, or would you be pleased to receive it????


  1. Not sure what you don't like about this...I think it is gorgeous,love the

  2. Hi Trudi if you don't mind me saying? I think it's the numbers? The background is gorgeous, but I think the numbers need to stand out more? Maybe darker colours or a contrasting colour

    1. Hmm, that thought has crossed by mind with the numbers x

  3. I love it it's gorgeous love the design and the embossing is beautiful. Caroline xxx

  4. It's a gorgeous card, I think Trudi's suggestion is a good one though, it will make the numbers stand out more x

  5. I like this card, and I think you should too. :)
    I would be very happy if I was to receive this card. :)

  6. Stunning card and I love the beautiful colours but agree with Zoe the numbers need to be standing proud as they blend into the background at the moment.

    Linda xxxx

  7. Beautiful card and yes you should be pleased with it, although I do agree that the numbers blend into the background. May be mounting them onto a deep orange card , cutting around and them decoupage them...just a thought. Have a great weekend. X

  8. I think we tend to be our own worst critics Trudi. Your card is beautiful in color and design. I don't mind the numbers blending in the background a little it makes your card look more cohesive and matching the softness of your background.

  9. its gorgeous love the background stamp you used and the subtle colours emma xx

  10. I would be pleased to receive it just as it is!! Soft pastel colours work well for me.


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