Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Little Bit Of Luxury

Here are some cards that I have made recently for special occasions.  They were all 8 x 8" and the recipients all loved them (well at least that's what they told me?)  Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions (fellow crafters) where I could have improved them.

Yes, a flowery card for a Man!  He used to be a horticulturist and was retiring from a  volunteering  job at our local childrens hospice, where he used to  help out maintaining the gardens.

A silver wedding card for friends of ours who are very special to us.

My beautiful great niece Betsy Blossom was born on January  28th and she certainly lives up to her name bless her, bringing a smile wherever she goes.

My eldest sister celebrated her birthday in March and she certainly deserved a special card.

Of course, Mothers Day, sometimes we don't get the opportunity to say  something nice to our Mums'  when we should,  so this was the perfect occasion to do just that.


  1. Well i am so glad i stopped by Trudi, your cards are truly beautiful. The colours and the art work are lovely. I am now a follower and will add you to my bookmarks.

    Di xx

  2. Your cards are lovely Trudi


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