Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nice to meet you

Hello, please be kind to me as this is my first blog and I'm not sure what I'm doing as yet?  It's a bit of an experiment at the moment, but hopefully it will improve and I'll be able to show you the different cards that I make.  So please keep coming back and checking now and again and who knows it might be up and running - sooner rather than later I hope.


  1. Hi Trudi your blog is lovely and the cards are very pretty. When I first did my blog, I put all the cards separate as you have. I was told to put all the card on one post,for the day I did it, because then I would get more comments. AS no one want to have to leave a comment on every single card. They were right I get a lot more people leaving comments now. Hop this helps xxxx

  2. Ps You need to remove the word verification. Sorry. But it will be worth it as your blog is lovely xxx

  3. Lovely cards and I am following you too xx


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